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At CREI Partners, we’re passionate about helping you and your family live the life you envisioned. We have been in your shoes dabbling in the stock market, and investing in alternative investments such as single family rentals and cryptocurrency all while managing the demands of work. We personally discovered passively investing in real estate syndications provided the best of both worlds for busy professionals–creating wealth through real estate while removing the time demands of being a landlord to focus on your passions.

To build wealth for our investors, CREI Partners focuses on acquiring and/or developing apartment communities, RV/Boat storage properties, and build-to-rent (BTR) communities in areas with strong market fundamentals along with strategic partner relationships. Our focus is to protect our investor capital while providing high yield returns, and giving back to our communities by providing a safe and comfortable home environment for our residents.


  • 01. Return on Investment
    • After all expenses are paid quarterly distributions are sent to investors, along with profit sharing at disposition or refinance depending on exit strategy.
  • 02. Risk Resilience
    • Real Estate has proven to be more stable and continues to outperform stock market.
  • 03. Leverage
    • Ability to purchase $40M with only $10M investment.
  • 04. Tax Advantages
    • Protect your returns through depreciating the asset as a tax write off.
  • 05. Market Demand
    • Population Growth and Declining Home Ownership increases the demand for multi-family, storage, and build-to-rent communities driving up future value.
  • 06. Appreciation and Amortization
    • Real Estate appreciates in value while residents pay down the mortgage creating more equity and wealth to investors.
Invest with us


Step 4: As great deals are found, we will notify you about investment opportunities. It will be time to INVEST!
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Step 5: Sit back and ENJOY Passive Income! We will rinse and repeat to grow your wealth!


I am a realtor in NYC for the past 28 years and an accredited investor who has known Wayne Courreges for the past 2 years. Wayne is frankly a gentle giant in the real estate investment world with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Wayne is very data-driven and puts his focus on educating his investors to build their confidence and knowledge about active & passive real estate investments or real estate syndications. Wayne has exercised care and humility in his interactions with investors and this surely speaks volumes in the investment world as to the character of the person you do business with. Wayne is, simply put, “the real deal.”

Moses S.

I met Wayne virtually, during the pandemic, as a participant of his monthly passive investor’s group. I liked the format he created that enables interested investors in passive income an opportunity to meet others, learn, and ask questions that allow them to make informed decisions on investments. During the 2+ years, attendees have been exposed to a variety of topics (taxes and liability, pro forma sheets, pertinent questions to ask, etc), and professionals in the field. I have learned a great deal about how to navigate and think objectively. I especially like his approach to developing, learning and building relationships with others to create synergy and trust, which is so important in this environment.

Lorna S.

I have known Wayne for the past 3 years and he continues to impress me. He has a strong work ethic, does the things that most people would not do, and has a desire to breakout from the pack. He has great underwriting, asset management and investor relation skills. Highly recommended to anyone considering working with him.

James Kandasamy


Invest with us